Programme Educational Objectives (PEO):

Department PEOs:


Solve complex technical problems and design systems that are useful to society by applying the fundamental scientific principles that underpin the Telecommunication Engineering profession.


Graduates work productively as Telecommunication Engineers, including supportive and leadership roles on multidisciplinary teams.


Be sensitive to the consequences of their work, both ethically and professionally, for productive professional careers.


The Program Outcomes define the knowledge and skills that will be mastered by our graduates. The graduates will have the ability to

PO 1:

Apply the knowledge of Mathematics, Science, Fundamentals of Computing, Algorithmic Formulations, and System Modeling appropriate in the construction of the Software systems.

PO 2:

Problem analysis:
Identify, formulate, analyze complex real world problems and define the computing environment to arrive at justifiable solution.

PO 3:

Design and Development
Design and Develop software systems of varying complexity using a wide variety of computing skills adhering to engineering principles.

PO 4:

Conduct investigations of complex problems
Build experimental set up, conduct experiments, examine and interpret the results to provide valid conclusions for complex IT problems.

PO 5:

Modern tool usage
Select and use modern CASE tools and apply appropriate techniques to solve complex problems.

PO 6:

The engineer and society:
Understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context; and to analyze the impact of computing on individuals, organizations, and society.

PO 7:

Environment and sustainability:
Develop designs or management plans for addressing engineering problems professionally in a manner that will ensure proper disposal of waste and less chances of atmospheric pollution.

PO 8:

Appraise and act in accordance with professional, ethical, legal, and social issues and responsibilities.

PO 9:

Individual and team work:
Function effectively as an individual and as a member in multi-disciplinary team to accomplish a common task.

PO 10:

Communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with the stakeholders and being able to comprehend and cerate effective documentation.

PO 11:

Project management and finance:
Lead technical workers, prepare schedules, make estimates, pre-planning and resource forecasting for engineering and other technical activities relating to the project management.

PO 12:

Life-long learning:
Recognize the need for, and have the ability to engage in independent and life-long learning for continuing professional development.

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